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Mission & Vision

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Athe college is a treasure trove, a citadel of learning, consider a premiertemple of higher learning, which imparts quality holistic education to allseekers irrespective of caste, creed and gender. In order to maintain thequality of education we have committed towards the social needs and thebetterment of the masses. Mugberia Gangadhar Mahavidyalaya situated amidstverdant tranquility, far away from the madding crowd of urban existence.Education, in our vision, is to express oneself and to find answers to eternalquestions through the process of self-exploration. Our vision is to achieveperfection of that manifestation of divine which is already latent in man and toachieve excellence in higher education, empowerment through knowledge,inclusive growth for socio-economic change, and sustainable development.Mugberia Gangadhar Mahavidyalaya in compliance with the visions of the NEP-2020 has taken up the core idea and complied it as an addition of the abovethat with the academic excellence it also aimed  “ to instill among thelearners a deep-rooted pride in being Indian, not only in thought, but also inspirit, intellect, and deeds, as well as to develop knowledge, skills, values,and dispositions that support responsible commitment to human rights,sustainable development and living, and global well-being, thereby reflecting atruly global citizen.”


Themission of the college is to dissipate the darkness of ignorance and elevateyoungsters to the pedestal of wisdom byfostering spirituality, knowledge, andskill, thereby empowering them to deal with real life situations and equippingthem to build a fruitful future for themselves and the society at large. Thecollege is situated in a culturally rich locale, and it is the only college inthe vast area of Bhagwanpur-II block in the District of Purba Medinipur, WB. Itwas founded in 1964 with the help of the donations collected from the localpeople with the aim to serve the poor inhabitants of the area who were unableto send their wards to distant places for higher education. Since then, thecollege has extended its activities to the remotest corners of the society andas a result, it has been revealed that the percentage of girl students isgetting increased. It is because of the mass awareness campaign by the collegeas well as the scope of various scholarships by state and Centre like ‘KanyasriPrakalpa’, Beti Parao Beti Banchao’ etc and it’s systematic implementation inthe college by the management. By virtue of this, the mission of the college isto educate, empower and making them self-supported by providing all sorts offacilities maintaining gender equity. Our missions and goals also include

a)      b)      c)      d)     e)      f)       g)      h)      i)       Prioritizing Vocational training andDiploma Courses for industry academia relationship  

The governance of the institution isreflective of and in tune with the vision and mission of the institution’sacademic and administrative policy guided by overarching Vision, Mission,Goals, Values and Beliefs of the institution.Academic and administrative policyis considered to be the backbone of academic institution. The character of ourpolicy including quality education within a rural setup in the threshold of thechanging global education inculcates the ability of reasoning, imagination andvalues in higher education.

Quality objectives and outcomes: TheCollege conducts its programs and activities guided by the Vision, Mission,Goals, Values and Beliefs statements. The College achieves its quality throughintegration of teaching and learning, advancement of the knowledge base throughresearch programme, and leadership in service and outreach. By this way, theCollege shall become a leader in preparing professionals who provide leadershipand exemplary educational and related services to improve the lives ofindividuals in this cyber culture.
The confluent approach of the Management, Principal and Faculty developmentcommittee takes the initiative to formulate quality policy and plans in orderto uphold the mission and vision. The Governing Body works in collaborationwith the Principal to regulate and maintain an amicable scholastic environmentrequired for this and implements the decisions and policies by obeying thesuggestions of the members of Teaching Non-Teaching staff and students.Principal personally communicates with staff members to ensure so that thepractice of decentralization is maintained. The IQAC, Teachers’ Council andAcademic Sub-Committee meet regularly to discuss on various implementationprocedures. TheGoverning Body and Principal actively participates in discussions to ensurethat the policy statements and action plans are aligned for attaining themission of institute, disseminates the vision and mission to all stakeholdersand involve them in the formation of the policy statements. To review theoutcomes from the implementation of action plans several meetings are beingconducted with functional committees and this open up scopes for necessarychanges in action plans if required. The management takes review of qualitypolicies and makes amendments in quality policies if required. As a result ofthe collective efforts, the institution has completed 3rd Cycle NAACaccreditation with CGPA 2.71 which will remain valid up to 31 March 2024. TheCollege has also been awarded CPE status by UGC from 2016-21 (UGC 12thplan) and DBT star college strengthening scheme by Dept. of Biotechnology,Govt. of India.  
Formulation of action plans: The action plans are formulatedin line with quality policy under the leadership of the Principal and the sameare incorporated into strategic plans for effective implementation.

Proper support for policyand planning: The Principal of the collegeinteracts with various stakeholders and the student representative to incorporatecontinuous planning and development in the overall administration. For this,the Principal keeps formal contact with the concerned person of the HigherEducation Department, Govt. of West Bengal, UGC, NCTE, and VidyasagarUniversity.

Reinforcing the culture of excellence: For the reinforcement of cultural excellence the vision, mission,short term and long term goals, quality policies are kept wide open to allstakeholders for their suggestions through offline/online(College Website).Necessary training is provided to its faculty and supporting staff for theirdevelopment and motivates the team building and team work to create healthywork culture.The students of the department of physical education annuallyparticipate the WBCIPE Cultural Exchange Meet along with other institutes ofWest Bengal offering physical education teachers' training course.

Besides,to provide opportunity to backward students to move tohigher education in future and to prepare our students in such a way so thatthey can become inspiration for others, the college made learning in generalsubjects effective thereby tagging it with job opportunities. The priority isto provide skill based education through various activities of InstitutionalInnovative Council (IIC). The students who are interested in entering theworkforce at the earliest opportunity were provide entrepreneurial orientationalong with required skill training for self-employment and entrepreneurshipdevelopment for the community.

Apart from these, the institute offersFood Processing, Tourism & Hotel Management courses to facilitate the jobopportunities of the students. It is well known that the Tourism and HotelIndustry is one of the most prospering industries in India today. Hotels,Resorts, Clubs, Airlines, Restaurants, Travel agencies, event managementcompanies and a wide range of related service sector industries are constantlyin need of qualified and skilled people to grow their businesses. The Traveland Tourism sector is projected to continue growing and as it expands employersaround the world increasingly demand qualified and highly skilled resourcesresulting in a great opportunity to develop a career in this fast growingsector.

The field of Food Technology is also anequally bourgeoning field that is capable of garnering expansive employmentopportunities. The diploma course of Vermi Composting likewise is a very usefulcourse especially for the students of rural community to seek entrepreneurialavenues in future. That is why the institute runs these courses to fulfill itsvision and mission.