Book Chapter Publication

Book Chapter Publications

Book Chapter Publications
Sr. No. Authors Title of the Chapter ISBN with Year Publisher Department
1 D. Khatua And K. Maity Stability Analysis of a Dynamical System 978-81-8487-522-5( 2016) Narosa Mathematics
2 A. De, K.Maity, M. Maiti A Combined Project of Fish, Broiler and Ducks Dynamical System with Interval Bio-logical Parameters 978-81-8487-522-5( 2016) Narosa Mathematics
3 K. Maity Several Intelligent Techniques to Solve Various Warehouse Problems in Uncertain Environment 978-3-319-17905-6 (2015) Springer Mathematics
4 K. Maity A Supply-Chain Production Inventory Model with Warehouse Facilities Under Fuzzy Environment 978-3-642-53938-1 (2014) Springer Mathematics
5 K. Maity Study of infected bacterial ecosystem and it effect to nutrient 978-93-84241-20-9 (2015) Nectar, Kol. Mathematics
6 D. K. Jana, K. Maity and T. K. Roy Multi Production Inventory Model with Fuzzy Constraints Under Possibility/ Necessity/Credibility Measures 978-81-8487-255-2( 2014) Narosa Mathematics
7 A. Jana Basic Introduction to C-Languaga 978-93-84241-20-9 (2015) Nectar, Kol. Mathematics
8 S. Chatterjee Co-operative and Human Development 978-93-80332-76-5 (2015) MANAV PRAKASHAN, Kol. Political Science
9 Sk. Khabiruddin and Dr. D. Ray The effect of six Weeks Training on Physical Fitness amoung Kho-Kho and Kabaddi Trainee Coaches 978-81-87891-55-0 (2012) Reader Services, Kol. B. P. Ed
10 Dr. S. Chandra Rabindranath mate karma o mukti-akti samikha 978-81-87891-59-8 (2012) Reader Services, Kol. Philosophy
11 A. R. Khatua Philosophi of Art-education: Tagore and Vivekananda 978-81-87891-59-8 (2012) Reader Services, Kol. Philosophy
12 S. Chatterjee How can Philosophy and Music be entwined 978-93-82623-28-1 (2013) Reader Services, Kol. Political Science
13 A.R.Khatua. The Role of Intuitive Mind for Aesthetics appreciation of Music 978-93-82623-28-1 (2013) Reader Services, Kol. Philosophy
14 S. Mukhapadhya Tabla O Chande Brahanan Dharana Akti Darshanic Bisle 978-93-82623-28-1 (2013) Reader Services, Kol. Music
15 Dr. P. R. Choudhury Sundarboner Banobibi 978-93-85248-26-9(2015) Kabitika, Paschim Medinipur Bengali
16 Dr. P. R. Choudhury Kaljoyee Kavyo Meghdooth 93-840-54-17-5 (2015) Dacca Student Library, Kol. Bengali
17 Dr. P. R. Choudhury Paschimi Gathan Tatter Aloke Bangla Mangalkabya 0976-9463(2015) Tabu Ekalabya Bengali
18 Dr. P. Roy Choudhury Bangla Chotogalper Ruprekha 978-81-8437-271-7 (2015) Karuna Prakasani Bengali
19 De Sandip Effect of Plyometric Training with Variation of Load on Selected Biochemical Variables of Men Cricket Players 2231-1488 (2015) Physical Education
20 De Sandip Effect of Hatha yoga, Aerobic training on Vital capacity of the College male students 2231-1488 (2015) Physical Education
21 De Sandip and Samanta Samar Effect of Aerobic training on selected Physiological Variables among School Boys 2231-1488 (2014) Physical Education
22 De Sandip Comparative effect of Hatha yoga, Aerobic training on Stress, Anxiety and Personality of the College male students 978-81-928721-2-4 (2014) Physical Education
23 De Sandip, Mukhopadhyay Kishore and Adhikari Hiralal Comparative effect of Hatha yoga, Aerobic training on Personality of the College male students 978-81-925536-0-3 (2014) Physical Education
24 B. S. Pradhan A study on reaction time and heart rate responses in shuttle run between trained and untrained males 978-81-87891-55-0 (2012) Physical Education
25 B. S. Pradhan Alteration of heart rate in responses of training 978-81-922957-7-0 (2013) Physical Education
26 B. S. Pradhan Bio-mechanical analysis of batting technique of drive 978-81-923488-8-9 (2013) Physical Education
27 B. S. Pradhan Relation of height and weight with lowering of centre of gravity during landing 978-81-9234-8-9 (2013) Physical Education
28 B. S. Pradhan Kinematic analysis of front foot off drive in cricket 978-93-84869-24-3 (2015) Physical Education
29 B. S. Pradhan Mechanical analysis of off drive in cricket 978-81-7879-912-4 (2015) Physical Education
30 Sk. Khabiruddin The effect of six weeks training on physical fitness among kho-kho and kabaddi coaches 978-81-87891-55-0 (2012) Physical Education
31 Sk. Khabiruddi Alteration of heart rate in response of training 978-81-922957-0 (2013) Physical Education
32 Sk. Khabiruddin Physical inactivity : A Global Public Health Problem 978-81-928721-2-4 (2014) Physical Education
33 Sk. Khabiruddin An Integrated Approach to the Biomechanics and Technique Analysis of Pace Bowling in Cricket 978-93-84667-06-1 (2015) Physical Education
34 Sk. Khabiruddin Effect of Plyometric Training with Variation of load on Selected Biochemical Variables of Men Cricket Players 978-93-84667-06-1 (2015) Physical Education
35 Sk. Khabiruddin A Comparative Study on Performance Related Fitness Status of State level Athlete and Handball Player 978-93-84667-06-1 (2015) Physical Education
36 Dr. A. Adak Search for A New Running Track 978-81-922957-7-0 (2013) Physical Education
37 Dr. A. Adak A Study of Zonal Velocities in Different Curve Radii Running Track 978-81-923488-8-9 (2013) Physical Education
38 Dr. Prasenjit Ghosh Forests, Lands, Resources and Adivasi rights - An unworthy narrative of 20th century catastrophe of Human Rights in Jharkhand, India 81-925349-0-9 (2014) Cyber Graphics, Kol. History
39 Dr. Prasenjit Ghosh Vivekanandas Visison of Religion & Freedom and its application in Indian Nationalism 978-93-82623-27-4(2013) Readers Services, Kol. History
40 Dr. Prasenjit Ghosh Nature Culture and Tribal Behaviour : A study of the Social Transformation in Jharkhand State 978-93-81521-40-3(2014) Post Graduate Research Department of History, Government Arts College, Tiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu History
41 S. Chatterjee Maledictions and Decline of Global Economy or Globalisation and an Alternative Economic Model 93-80332-29-7(2012) Manab Publisher, Kol. Political Science
42 J. Mitra Bharate Grame Swayabmbhar Gosthir Artha Samajit O Rajnaitik Bikashar Prekshapata Samabay Samitrir Bhumika 978-93-80332-29-1 Manab Publisher, Kol. Political Science
43 J. Mitra Swami Vivekananr Darsan Samag Tantra 978-81-922208-1-9 Political Science
44 J. Mitra Bhatar Rajnitir prekashapati Mahilader Kshamatayan samasha o bastabayan -ekti bislesion mulak alochana 978-81-927259-1-8 Reader Services, Kol. Political Science
45 J. Mitra Human Right in the Context of vNational and Int. 978-81-925349-0-9 Reader Services, Political Science
46 Dr. M.Das Micro Cosmic Relationship between Jivatma and Paramatma in Nyaya Vaisesika 2278-0688 (2013) RTAYANI (112-114) Sanskrit
47 Dr. M. Das Nyayanaye Atmasanskara Vimarsha 2349-3127 (2014) SANKETAH (45-47) Sanskrit
48 Dr. M.Das Sanskrita Vangmaye Vugarbha Vijnyanasya Vijamagnih 978-93-84054-17-5 (2015) PRANJYAJYOTIH (253-256) Sanskrit
49 Dr. M. Das Sanskrit Vangmayme Sangit shatra 978-93-82623-28-1 (2013) Reader Services, Kol. Sanskrit
50 Dr. M. Das Uchhasiksha Sambandhe Swami Vivekanander Abhimat : Ekti Visleshan 978-93-82623-27-4 (2013) Reader Services, Kol. Sanskrit
51 A. R. Khatua Vivekanandas Philosophy of Service and its Effect on Society 978-81-922208-1-9 (2012) Reader Services, Kol. Philosophy
52 A. R. Khatua Dirghameyadi Unnyan: Manav Prakriti O Biswa Prakriti 978-81-923979-6-2 (2013) Reader Services, Kol. Philosophy
53 A. R. Khatua Knowledge of Word-meaning and its Logical Implication: Dignaga and Dharmakirti 978-93-82549-25-3 (2013) Reader Services, Kol. Philosophy
54 A. R. Khatua Protection and Promotion of Human Rights from the Ethical Point of View 978-93-80332-80-2 (2015) Manav Prakasan , Kol. Philosophy
55 J. Biswas Gender Dimension of labor migration quest for right based approach against discrimination and Xenophobia. 978-93-80332-80-2 (2015) Manav Prakasan , Kol. Political Scientist
56 Dr. Prasenjit Ghosh Bharate Ouponibesik Aranya sonrakhhaner patabhumi o adivasi protikriya 978-93-81245-52-1, May 2014 History
57 Dr. Prasenjit Ghosh Jharkhand Andoloner Itihas : Bhowmik tatha Banabhumi Rakshar Prsangikata Itihas Anusandhan Itihas Samsad History
58 A.R.KHATUA Death Penalty(Capital Punishment) and Human Rights An Observation 978-81-7074-370-5 (2016) K.P.Bagchi,Kolkata Philosophy
59 Taniya Neogi Unearthing Silenced Matrilineal Legacies of the Indo-Caribbean Diaspora in Ramabai Espinets The Swinging Bridge -RETHEORISING THE INDIAN SUBCONTINENTAL DIASPORA 978-1-5275-5951-6 (2020) Cambridge Scholars Publishing English
60 Dr. Apurba Giri Phytosterols and its applications to develop healthy foods. 978-93-88069-61-8, 2020 Levant Books,27C, Creek Row, Kolkata 700014 Nutrition
61 Dr. Apurba Giri, Monalisa Roy, and N. Veena Strategies to Reduce Cholesterol in Dairy Foods 000 Megh R. Goyal Nutrition
62 Radhakrishna Dinda Reducing Unemployment Through Co Operative Movement 2348-1269 IJRAR Commerce
63 Radhakrishna Dinda Financial Inclution through cooperative Banks in India 2349-5162 JETIR Commerce
64 Amrit Dash Religion and Life: A Comparative Study 2348-1269 IJRAR Sanskrit
65 Amrit Dash The Role Of Spirituality and Religiosity in Individual Well Being 2320-2882 IJCRT Sanskrit
66 Ranjit Kumar Giri A Study on Human Resource Management: Purpuse of Sustainability 2348-1269 IJRAR Commerce
67 Ranjit Kumar Giri An Overview on Sustainable Human Resource Management: As An Integral Part Of Tourism Strategy and Planning 2320-2882 IJCRT Commerce
68 Sudarsan Adak A Study on Advantage and Unique Characteristics of Venture Capital 2349-5162 JETIR Commerce
69 Sudarsan Adak A Comparision Study of Capital Investment Before and After Covid 2348-1269 IJRAR Commerce
70 Rita Pradhan Transformation of Villages Under Urban Influence: A Study of Socio Political Cultural Aspects 2348-1269 IJRAR Geography
71 Rita Pradhan Re-Engineering Villages Under Globalization: A Review 2320-2882 IJCRT Geography
72 Wadut Shaikh Relativistic Nuclear Collisions and QGP 978-81-959225-1-2 Sita Publication Physics
73 Wadut Shaikh Proceedings of the XXIV DAE-BRNS High Energy Physics Symposium 978-981-19-2353-1 Springer, Singapore Physics
74 Wadut Shaikh Nuclear Structure 978-81-959225-1-2 Sita Publication Physics
75 Wadut Shaikh Nuclear Structure 818372084-6 Prudent Arts & fab pvt. Ltd Physics
76 Dr.Kousik Kumar Mondal Human Hair Waste to Resource-major concerns, environmental health and sustainable solution: A case study from West Bengal, India 978-81-955982-1-2,2019 Environment and Beyond Zoology
77 Dr.Kousik Kumar Mondal Impact of Pesticides on Human Health and Environment: An Overview 978-93-5574-019-9,2022 walnutpublication Zoology
78 Dr.Kousik Kumar Mondal Organic Farming and use of Compost Towards Healthy Life Style 978-93-91741-18-1,2023 Levant Books Zoology
79 Dr.Kousik Kumar Mondal Benefits of Mushrooms: Improving Human Health and Promoting Quality Life 978-93-5574-377-0,2022 Walnut Publication Zoology
80 Dr.Kousik Kumar Mondal Biomass Smoke Exposure Increase Alveolar Macrophage in Relation to Respiratory Symptoms and Pulmonary Functions Among The Rural Women in West Bengal: A Preliminary Study 978-81-19232-79-6,2023 Walnutpublications Zoology
81 Dr Bidhan Chandra Samanta Vermicompost: The Queen of Compost ISBN: 978- 93-88069-10-6) (2018) Levant Books India Chemistry
82 B C Samanta and T Maity Incorporation of elastomeric secondary phase into epoxy matrix influences mechanical properties of epoxy coatings ISBN: 978-0-444- 63240-1, 2021 Elsevier Chemistry
83 Ribhu Maity & B C Samanta Determination of arsenic(III) in ground water by spectrophotometric technique 978-81-1923-279-6, 2023 Walnut Publication Bhubaneswar, New Delhi, London Chemistry
84 Ribhu Maity & B C Samanta Estimation of fluoride in ground water by spectrophotometric technique 978-81-1923-279-6, 2023 Walnut Publication Bhubaneswar, New Delhi, London Chemistry
85 Jyoti Mitra ভারতে গ্রামীণ স্বয়ংম্ভর গোষ্ঠীর আর্থ-সামাজিক ও রাজনৈতিক বিকাশের প্রেক্ষাপটে সমবায় সমিতির ভূমিকা Page No-84-93 ISBN NO. 978-93-80332-29-1 Manav Prakashan, Kolkata Political Science
86 Jyoti Mitra স্বামী বিবেকানন্দের দর্শন ভাবনায় সমাজতন্ত্র ISBN NO. 978-81-922208-1-9 January, 2014 Ramkrishna Mission Vidyabhavan, Narendapur, 2014 Political Science
87 Jyoti Mitra Human Rights in the Context of National and International Scenario: its implementation to overcome Problems – An overview. Pp.75-95 ISBN NO. 978-81-925349-0-9 January 2014 Khejuri College, Purba Medinipur Political Science
88 Jyoti Mitra বিবেকানন্দের দর্শন ভাবনায় ধর্মশিক্ষার প্রসার ও প্রাসঙ্গিকতা:- একটি বিশ্লেষণমূলক আলোচনা Page No-113-130 ISBN NO. 978-93-82623-27-4. December 2014 Reders Service, Calcutta. Political Science
89 Jyoti Mitra ভারতের রাজনৈতিক প্রেক্ষাপটে মহিলাদের ক্ষমতায়ন :-সমস্যা ও বাস্তবায়ন Page No-401-414 ISBN NO- 978-81-927259-1-8 2014 Publication Cell, Berhampore Girls’ College Political Science
90 Jyoti Mitra Human rights: Violence Against Women in the perspective of socio-economic sphere in India: and its ways of overcoming – A Critical Analysis. Pp 88-96. ISBN NO. 978-93-80332-80-2 November, 2015 Manav Prakashan, Kolkata Political Science
91 Jyoti Mitra সাম্প্রতিক ভারতীয় আর্থ-সামাজিক প্রেক্ষাপটে শিশুদের মানবাধিকার :-সংকট ও উত্তরণ Page No-48-57 ISBN NO. 978-93-83360-20-8 September 2016 The Elegant Publications, Kolkata Political Science
92 Jyoti Mitra ভারতের আদিবাসী জনগোষ্ঠীর আর্থ-সামাজিক ও রাজনৈতিক সমস্যা এবং আন্দোলনসমূহ : -একটি পর্যালোচনা ( পৃষ্ঠা.- ৯৭-১০৯ ) ISBN NO:- 978-93-93534-11-8 September, 2022. Aksharyatra Prakashan (Hooghly) Political Science
93 Jyoti Mitra পরিবেশ দূষণ ও স্বাস্থ্য: - একটি আলোচনা ( পৃষ্ঠা.- ১৬১-১৭৫ ) ISBN NO:- 978-93-91741-29-7 : January 14, 2023 Levant Books India Political Science
94 Jyoti Mitra বীরভূম জেলার লোকসংস্কৃতি: আর্থ-সামাজিক চিত্র ( পৃষ্ঠা. -১১৫-১২২ ) ISBN NO:-97893- 93534-16-3 March, 2023. Aksharyatra Prakashan (Hooghly) Political Science
95 Prof. Ranita Bain Political Empowerment of Women: Challenges Encountered by Indian Women 978-93-88069-13-7 Levant Books,27c Creek Row, Kolkata 700014, India. English